Special spherical cast Tungsten Carbide is manufactured using a unique, innovative and patented process know as ‘the cold crucible’. Spherotene® is obtained by spraying a liquid phase of Tungsten Carbide.


Spherotene® comes as spheres with an extreme hardness of 3000HV +/-500HV.The absence of oxidation of Spherotene® makes derived products highly weldable.

Spherotene® main feature is its very fine metallurgical structure known as “tangled needles.”

These particles give the deposits produced by Laser Cladding Technology improved resistance to wear & shock, compared to deposits made up of crushed Tungsten Carbide particles. 

Spherotene® is incorporated into the following hardfacing products offered by Laser Cladding Technology:
     Technolase® powders
     For Lasercarb® process
     for Oxy-Acetylene Welding
     for Oxy-Acetylene Welding


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