Repair & Remanufacture

Economic and Environmental pressures are forcing manufacturers to look more closely at the feasibility of refurbishing high value parts that have historically been disposed of after first use.

The Laser Cladding process lends itself to the remanufacture of used parts as materials can be deposited specifically where required, whilst keeping distortion and final machining operations to a minimum.

Research & Development

Laser Cladding Technology has an internal laboratory facility and on site Metallurgist to support our R&D activities.

The types of R&D we undertake are:

Customer Specific
Working in partnership with our customers to provide bespoke solutions.

Development of new products and services that can be offered to our customers.

Joint research in conjunction with the Technogenia group.

Government Funded
In collaboration with other industrial and educational partners to meet the requirements of national R&D calls.

Hybrid Manufacture

The machining away of large amounts of expensive materials to form components can be replaced by selectively applying materials onto smaller sections of substrate material using the laser cladding process. For example, flanges can be built onto ends of pipe sections rather than having to machine out of thicker sections / solid bar.

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