Technogenia Hardfacing Powders

Ni/Cr Matrix powders containing Spherotene® Tungsten Carbide
Various weight fractions of Spherotene® available within these powders
Standard powder: Technolase 40S-400 (60% Spherotene® / 40% Matrix)

Hardfacing Alloy Powders

Stellite 6
Stellite 12
Triballoy T800

Nickel Based Powders

Inconel® 625
Inconel® 718
Hastalloy® C276
Wall Colmonoy 88

Steel Based Powders

316 Stainless Steel
4140 Steel
Maraging Steel

Tool Steel Powders

REX 20

Titanium Powders

CP Titanium
Titanium 6al-4v

Blended Compositions

Spherotene® can be blended with certain other alloy powders to produce customer / application specific alloys.




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